Sometimes I write words.

  • Moving Through Burnout

    Moving Through Burnout

    Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This is based on my own research, experience and observations. Even science can change and be disproven, so none of this is absolutely 100% a sure thing, but it has helped me to think about and respect my […]

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  • Workplace Red Flags

    Workplace Red Flags

    I know that there is information out there about red flags in employment. I work in an industry with employment practices that are just one giant red flag, so there are probably too many for me to state within a post. Still, from what I’ve […]

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  • Social Skills

    An Open Letter to Employers I am exhausted. I am so tired of fighting to survive in jobs where I am made to feel less human because I cannot connect socially. I’m tired of hearing about my communication skills (particularly my social communication skills, because […]

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  • What Pole Dancing has Taught me About Failure

    I’ve been thinking a lot about aerial arts lately. It’s the thing I miss most from the before times. The thing is, my primary discipline is pole, and I have a home pole. It’s not totally the same, but I can still practice a lot […]

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  • My “Broken” Dog

    This is Smeagol. Today I am going to write about Smeagol. I lovingly call him my “broken doge.” I have another dog that I have had since she was a puppy, who has been my best friend through everything, but it’s easy to love puppies […]

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