Sometimes I write words.

  • My Problem with Social Skills

    My Problem with Social Skills

    One of the difficulties I have with the idea that autistic people should just learn appropriate “social skills,” beyond even elements of our neurology, is how contextual those “skills” are. And how they are often used as a means of exclusion for anyone outside the […]

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  • To Move or Not to Move

    To Move or Not to Move

    I’m stuck. I feel paralyzed. I’m supposed to be doing exercise or a movement program or a chore or whatever else is going on in my life, but it feels impossible. How do I know if I should rest or do the thing? Listening to […]

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  • Unwound – A Poem

    Unwound – A Poem

    Ok, so I know this is unusual even for my chaos posting, but I stumbled on an old poem and was struck by the neurodivergent sentiment. I actually remember writing it because I was annoyed that I couldn’t focus in class thanks to a very […]

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  • Put the Mask in the Prop Box

    This post was inspired by @fidgets.and.fries and @nigh.functioning.autism compassionate, informed, and thought-provoking discussion of ABA on Instagram live. You can watch it on YouTube here. One of the things that resonated with me in their discussion (there were so many other important things, but I […]

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  • Stop Moving, but Move More: Neurodivergent Movement, Exercise and Neurotypical Judgement

    An Expert at Falling I’ve had a weird relationship with movement my whole life. I am sensory seeking. I was constantly climbing and swinging from trees as a child. I was always exploring my physical limits. But at the same time, my body didn’t always […]

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